Shark Photo booth

The last day of week and the last day of July in “Casa Nostra” was a nice and calm day, we had so much fun, it was a great Friday. Class 1 painted a big octopus and whales, they made their own goldfishes, and made mermaid and pirate puppets. They sang some songs and they read stories. Class 2 made a funny shark photo booth. And they drew their favorite sea animals. They sang songs and read stories as well. Class 3 had quiz as usual of Fridays and the group “Ocean stars” won the quiz. They played word scrambled with the sea animals. They had their own face painting at the end of the day which was painted by artistic Alex their talented teacher. During the day all the groups went to the vegeta

Rainbow fish

Thursday was a great day at farm school. Group 1 were busy bees creating lots of rainbow fish collages and personalised name anchors. Their favourite song this week is 'I'm a Fish' and their favourite book is 'Commotion In The Ocean'. Some of the more adventurous children, including Lucas, Bernat, Albert and Eric, climbed up the rock climbing wall to the top of the library and slid back down the fireman's pole, with the help of some of the older children. The middle group did lots of fun learning with letters today. They identified lots of sea and animals and the letter that starts their name. They have been learning how to sing '1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive' this week and we ho

Lobsters and crabs

A sea of time ahead of us still though we have been keeping busy and had another day full of educational activities that are fun. Having mentioned that, our oldest submariners took a closer look at rivers as the source of water and where the ten most famous seas are located in the world. There was also a beach crossword team competition in which everybody did quite well! The lovely open space outside the classroom got artsy as the pirates from Jo’s class made another original artwork painting of lobsters and crabs with red paint prints of their hands and feet. Which nicely followed after learning ninet them and other animals that live under the sea. The little sailors already know many a sea

Word scramble

Another day deep in the ocean at farm school and our little fish have taken our theme this week to another level by exploring the depths of our big pool! No more can we call them the little fish.. We can now proudly present our school of dolphins! After their big swim, they very much enjoyed the story about the rainbow fish and got stuck in with colouring all sorts of different fishes. Then their budding young teaching assistant Hugo took the children out for some fresh air and played some fun ball games, teaching them how to throw and catch! The fidgety middle fish started with colouring pictures of different sea creatures and learning their names in English. They then worked on a numbers

Sea and Oceans

This week at Casa Nostra our theme is 'Sea and Oceans' and what a fabulous day we have had! Class 1 have begun to learn lots of interesting vocabulary like: octopus, shell, swimming costume and towel. We also enjoyed colouring pictures from the new film 'Finding Dory'. Class 2 began their day by matching the names of different sea creatures to pictures of them and were very excited to make moving fish. Both classes enjoyed exercising their vocal chords singing '1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish alive', too - their voices sounded beautiful! Class 3 dove straight into learning some amazing facts, such as: the names of the different oceans of the world and about the fascinating different

The beanstalk

Today was a last day of plants week and it was a great ending for the week. Class 1 worked on the classic story of jack and the beanstalk and they made his castle. They sang some songs like “one potato two potatoes”. They watched a movie as it was raining, they had the face painting and they played dominoes. Today the student had the lunch in the class and Martina and Jana from oldest group went to class one and helped to set the tables, thank you Jana and Martina. The class 2 finished their booklets, played some games on the board with the names of the fruits and their pictures. They draw different fruits in their notebooks and learnt how to spell them, listened to some songs and watch shor

Life cycle of a plant

Today at farm school we continued on our plant adventure. The youngest children coloured pictures of the classic fairy tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, sang lots of songs including ‘Cauliflower’s Fluffy’ and read lots of stories today. In the vegetable garden they picked baskets full of tomatoes and peppers which they shared with all the other classes and they took lots of effort decorated their plant pots. The middle children made ‘Life Cycle of a Plant’ booklets and learnt the song ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ today and they did plenty of riding on Perla, the donkey. They had lots of fun in the swimming pool with the older children in the afternoon and were practising their diving as th

Flowers and chickpeas

Wednesday takes us halfway though our five stages growth. All the usual routines worked quite well and we enjoyed another sunny day in our garden. The seedlings extended their vocab colouring in fruits and vegetables learning their English names. They chose strawberries to develop into human forms and made strawberry people as well as they zoomed in on caterpillars and their place in the green world. I was amazed by all the songs they sung to me when I stepped in their classroom for a moment. Before their parents came in the afternoon they also made them a beautiful plastic flower. The little flowers made their big week banner using the original technique of stamping their painted hand on it

Zig Zag books

Another new day on the farm and our little ones creative juices were already flowing! They designed and made their own zig zag books inspired by the very lovely hungry caterpillar story and then decorated them in the most vibrant colours! They can now look back through their books and recall the names of food, fruit, numbers and the days of the week! But one creative project wasn't quite enough and so they continued this streak by making some fabulous, fruit head pieces and pranced around the farm like Carmen Miranda. We also had a very proud moment today as one of our littlest seeds in the camp, Luke, conquered his fear of the swimming pool today with the help of one of our teachers Jakub,

Plants week

This week at Casa Nostra we are learning all about plants and having lots of fun doing so! Class 1 have been learning some key vocabulary (for example: seed, fruit, flower, vegetable) and have started to learn the classic children’s nursery rhyme, ‘Mary, Mary, quite contrary how does your garden grow?’. Class 2 have also been joining in with the Casa Nostra sing-a-thon - they’ve been having a fabulous time learning, ‘Five little ducks went swimming one day’. Perhaps, we’ll be able to start a Casa Nostra school choir soon! Classes 2 and 3 both flexed their mighty brain muscles and searched for plant-themed words hidden in a tricky word maze. Class 3 then made a brilliant banner to decorate th

London buses

Today was the last day of countries week, we had so much fun and travelled all around the world by learning different things about different countries. The youngest group made London buses movable wheels and they drove them around London. The middle class made paper dolls of the world bunting, they dressed up their dolls with the traditional cloths of each country, they learnt what’s the flag of each country and what’s the typical food of that place. The oldest ones had a quiz and the “super big goats” won the quiz. They also finished their project “my country study” which was about culture, politic, and geography, they presented very nice in the class. In collective all groups visited our a

Sailing around the world

We’ve learned to much this past week in our Countries week that the children would almost be ready to set sail and sail around the world! As usually all the children enjoyed time in the swimming pool, the vegetable garden and on the trampoline. Every time I bounce I feel I could touch the sky! The younger children made world cup themed football t-shirts today in their books and made football finger puppets. They’ve been learning lots of songs today including London’s Burning and they’ve been reading lots of stories. The middle group made beautiful paper dolls of the world and enjoyed some face painting today. Each child had a different flag painted on their face today. Today the older childr

Memory game

The midpoint of our travel around the world brought new adventures that we didn't hesitate to jump and immerse in, same as we do in our swimming pool when we need a little refreshment. Our wanderlust hasn't diminished a bit and nobody had the slightest chance to feel homesick. The little explorers parachuted out of our private aircraft to enjoy the sight of England from high above, landing right by the red telephone booth across the street from the Big Ben to do some sightseeing. Before London they practiced traffic lights not to get in trouble in such a big city and did a little history excursion singing Ring-a-ring O'Roses. The discoverers continued to assign flags to new lands and made su

Scottish Shortbread

On the second day of the week, the little ones were issued their passports and travelled far and wide to China! On their arrival they took part in the local cultures and made lanterns and fire breathing Chinese dragons! Continuing with world flags from the day before, the middle children then had to match the right picture flag to the correct name which they then had to memorise and colour in! They also went wandering down to the vegetable garden and picked themselves some juicy tomatoes and gave the rest of the garden a good old drink. The older ones started the day with a tricky word search to find all the hidden countries within. Once they had found them all, their next task was assigni

Countries week

Countries week at Casa Nostra started with a really international feel today. Class 1 used Google Earth to travel from Mataro to London and planned what they would pack in their suitcase. Everybody learnt the word ‘aeroplane’. Class 2 made a stunning array of world flags; whilst Class 3 learnt the names of the different Continents and where in the world Spanish and English are spoken. It was a hot day so everybody enjoyed cooling off in the swimming pool. Mar, Jan and Pau from Class 1 went in the big pool and had a super time splashing around and bouncing. In the afternoon, the little ones enjoyed playing the traditional English party game ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, read the story book ‘

Panda's habitat

Today on the last day of animals week we had so much fun. The youngest group made beautiful butterflies and colored them. The middle class made a postcard with farm animals, although there was a shark in the middle we can say it was as nice as “Granja Casa Nostra”. The oldest ones learnt a lot about pandas, for example: where do they live, what’s their food and some other facts, at the end they colored their pandas pictures and glued that to their notebooks. They made animal masks, and also did a quiz about animals. As a collective all of the children visited our animals in the farm, rode the donkey or pony, visited the vegetable garden, picked onions, peppers or tomatoes, swam in the swimmi


Today was another hot and busy day at farm school full of animal themed fun! The younger children enjoyed a spider themed day making model spiders out of plastercine and learned the words to ‘Incy Wincy Spider’. They had a wonderful time in the pool cooling off from today’s hot weather, and later on they enjoyed making panda masks and getting their faces painted as bears. The middle children really got in the animal spirit and practised lots of animal words and matched animal pictures together. In the pool they had lots of fun with a cannon ball competition and David won the competition! Well done David! The older children each chose an animal of the day, and wrote some facts about their ani

Deer Zoo

Halfway through the week nobody was feeling weak – on the contrary, there was a hive of activity here on the farm. Though we tried to channel our little bees’ energies towards the classroom they kept buzzing off in all directions. Well, not everyone is a worker bee but we enjoyed seeing them express themselves and seeking out creativity in their own way. The baby snakes made baby snakes and finger puppets, revised the names of farm animals, moved to the groove of Hokey Cokey and rested with their dear Deer Zoo and other books. Jo and Mahsa from Old MacDonald's Farm taught their group the famous hit song, ‘Old MacDonald’, which they then sang together with their handmade badges on, taking tur

Bear hunt

Day 2 of our animal-tastic week began with us refreshing what our little monkeys had learnt on the first day! Our baby monkeys went on an exciting adventure into the wilderness of Granja Escola on a bear hunt! Although this species is rarely sighted in Catalonia, they managed to spot 56! Wow! After their treacherous trek around the farm they enjoyed a relaxing read of their books and a calming story time with Cat and Georgia. Our chimpanzees always start their mornings swinging from the trees and rolling around the trampoline with their friends until the whole class has arrived! Now that they have all been introduced to our resident farm animals, Jo and Mahsa sent them on a mission to count

Animals Week

Well, today was a fantastic start to our animal theme week here at Casa Nostra. In Classroom 1, we began with something a bit fishy... We made our own rainbow coloured fish dangling from a rod to play with and all of the classes made stunning animal masks. So much so, that it was like we had lots of lions, pigs and elephants roaming loose around the farm! Whilst the older children went on a mission to count all of the real animals on the farm; the younger children made super cute penguins and some even had their faces painted as tigers and elephants. All of us enjoyed a welcome and cooling splash in the swimming pool, visited the vegetable garden to pick lots of beautifully sun-ripened tom

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