Cloudy day

Today clouds had gathered around the farm school but we still managed to do plenty of activities. We began our day by feeding Perla and Valentin. Then we went to visit the sheep and goats, Blanket had managed to bend the fence and had gotten out of his pen and as always he was selfish enough to steal the food from the sheep. Because it was drizzling we decided to cook in the school room. Alex and Judit carefully poured the ingredients for the pancakes. We also melted some chocolate and poured it on top and enjoyed eating them while listening to some music. After a while we realized that the rain had stopped so we ran to the vegetable garden and harvested some cabbages. Alex spotted the bigg

Spring poem

It was great day at summer camp. We began with looking after the animals, the group with Siobhan decided to collect as many eggs as they could find from the chickens. The children tried picking up the chickens for the first time and had a go at feeding the chickens too. Then we went to feed the goats and learn the names of the goats. Arnau quickly made friends with the baby goat called Floquet. Ponaa’s group fed the goats first and went to the donkeys and ponies, Emma gave Perla’s coat a really good brush. Some of our group went to the vegetable garden, where we picked lots of old spinach. We decided to feed Perla with some of the spinach and Blanket the goat while part of our group checked

Planting aubergines

Today at farm school we started the day by feeding the animals. Alejandro, Guillem and Marc collected all the eggs and fed the chickens. Aleix was too curious to know the exact number and he counted 31 eggs!! After riding Perla we took some hay and went to feed the sheep and goats. We tried to carry Floquet like we used to when he was still a baby but he is so much heavier now. After making sure that Blanket wouldn't eat Floquet's food we went to the vegetable garden. We didn't have to water the garden today because the soil was already damp but we got to plant another row of aubergines. We also collected some strawberries and ran to the kitchen to cook. We all took turns in pouring the ingr

Japanese bun

The group of older children looked at the theme of ‘different or being different’ today, we began our day with visiting the animals, we fed Perla and Perla let us travel on her back. All the older children in the group practised their balance in the saddle towards the end. After we fed the hungry goats and sheep, we went to the vegetable garden to water the vegetables. We decided that Perla deserved a treat, so we gave her a little bit of spinach. Next, we decided that it was time to cook a Japanese bun. We cooked two small pancakes each and used melted chocolate between the two cakes. It was delicious. We ate these straight away while the chocolate was still warm. When we made all the cakes

Stunning landscapes

What a bright sunny St Jordi's day we had at farm school we first of all visited the animals and made sure that we collected enough weeds to feed Perla with. We then collected thirteen eggs. Aneu made sure we counted them all carefully. Then we visited the sheep and goats to feed them their favourite food. Before we had our breakfast, we went to water the vegetable garden and collect some artichokes. Asier and Mae were brilliant at carefully cutting the stems of the artichoke with the knife. During our breakfast, some of us were lucky to hear Maria play some of our favourite songs on the piano which has moved into the school room. We all gathered outside the school room to paint outdoors. We

Harvesting broad beans

We began farm school gathering as many broad beans as we could possibly carry and we worked together well as a team. We filled two barrow loads with beans, they were so heavy to carry back to the kitchen. We also collected some artichokes and Marc found so many juicy strawberries and he was happy to share them with everyone else. After we went to the animals, Marc brushed Perla carefully and Alejandro fed Valentin, while the others made sure that the hens were fed. Afterwards, we visited the goats and said 'hello' to Floquet and we fed the goats and sheep some weeds. We also gave Blanket his favorite food. Guillem painted a beautiful background on his silhouette picture of a sunny horizon wi


What a keen bunch of gardeners the younger group are. Very quickly they took their watering cans and watered the vegetables and fruits. Sergi, Jordi and Gina were helping to collect the artichokes and trim back some leaves. The teachers were impressed with how good a job everybody did in planting the new marrow plants, some of our group had not tried it before and we did very well. Before we left the garden, we collected as many big beans as we could find. Over to the animals we went next, Gina, Adrian, Joan and Aran had the chance to ride on Perla’s back and they managed expertly. We were very amazed by our silhouette pictures which showed a painted sunset and then we cut out the shapes of

Cupcakes and ladybugs

Today was just another fun Saturday at the farm. The weather was wonderful. We started our activities by making peanut butter cupcakes and they turned out quite tasty. We also made some icing and decorated them. When they were ready we took them and went to continue with our constellation activities. We enjoyed eating them while talking about how fascinating space really is. Today we chose the Great Bear and the Little Bear and we used glitter and string to make them. We also splattered silver paint to make the night sky and we learned the latin names of these constellations. After letting our Bears dry in the sun we decided to go at the vegetable garden. We watered the vegetables and when

Constellations and football

What an exciting day we had here at the farm! Our day of activities began with feeding the animals and riding Perla. Alejandro and Guillem fed the hens while Aina, Marc, Sara and Judit persuaded Valentin into a separate pen so that they could have more space to ride Perla. After we made sure that all the animals were fed we went to water the vegetables. Guillem and Marc picked some strawberries which were super juicy and really yummy. Today we also planted some tomatoes, the scent of the tomato leaves on our hands was amazing and we can't wait to watch them grow in the following weeks. After making sure that all the vegetables were watered we returned eagerly to resume our craft activities.

Stars and galaxies

Today was just another beautiful sunny day at the farm. We started by reading “Aliens” and while we admired the beautiful illustrations and galaxies of the book we decided to make our own galaxies. We took some empty jars and added layers of cotton to the bottom of the jar. After, we added the colors that we liked along with glitter and water. And we decorated the lids with more glitter and stars. We thought that they looked very lovely in the sun and the colors we chose reminded us of unicorns and ice cream. After letting the jars dry in the sun we went in the kitchen to make some peanut butter cookies. We poured all the ingredients and we couldn't resist tasting the peanut butter with our

The Giving Tree

It is starting to feel and look like summer on the farm. The small peach trees are blooming beautiful shades of pink. We checked them closely today and gently touched the new flowers and we were amazed by the natural process of growth. We also checked the apple trees and lemons, some of them were still too small but we could see how the leaf buds were trying to develop and maybe next time we will see more flowers. We picked some lemons from the lemon tree and their smell was wonderful, we could hardly wait to taste the lemonade. After, we picked some artichokes, broad beans and spinach. The spinach had grown so much and covered all of our baskets. David watered the vegetables and we ran to

A beautiful sunny day

Today at the farm we enjoyed a bright blue sky and the lovely sunbeams that we had all missed. The soil was dry so we started by watering the vegetable garden, we all filled our watering cans and carefully poured water to the peppers, broad beans and lettuce. We all shared the work, Alehandro made sure that lettuce was perfectly taken care of while Marc watered the broad beans and Aleix the peppers. Today we also found that more strawberries were blooming and others had turned red. We were picking strawberries surrounded by a sea of green, we tried some and they were so sweet and appetizing. After the garden we went to feed the chickens and Perla. Marc went inside the chickens' pen and serve

Fluffly chocolate pancakes and dancing

Despite the rain we had a fantastic day at the farm. We began by making fluffy American pancakes, we all added our favorite flavors. Joana and Sara wanted a lot of cinnamon, Judit added the cocoa powder while Cata was mixing the batter. We made Mickey Mouse shapes and round shapes and we all got to flip them when they were ready. Everyone enjoyed making them, and nearly everyone enjoyed tasting them. Because it was still drizzling we decided to go inside and play some games. We played a new fun game called YES or NO where each player asks a lot of questions from the cards but you cannot answer with yes or no. It was fun because we had to think of other ways to answer simple questions that y

Granny Gadget

Today the clouds were racing by the farm school, luckily they weren't rain clouds and we had a wonderful day. We started by cutting artichokes and we learned that artichokes are very healthy and they contain a lot vitamins. We continued filling our baskets with broad beans and spinach and we were counting everything that we collected. We also found four beautiful strawberries but we have to be more patient for the others to turn red. After checking on the vegetable garden we picked some weeds to go and feed Perla. Judit, Sara and Alex got to ride Perla while Siobhan was feeding her. At the same time we fed the chickens and filled a huge basket full of eggs. We played with the chickens and af

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