Giant cauliflower

Today at farm school we were very careful to make sure that all the vegetables and fruits got watered as the soil was very dry. We could see that there is going to be a nice new crop of strawberries that we can eat maybe next week. We collected a giant cauliflower. Jordi managed to pull up the cauliflower with all his strength Aleix carried it to the bench, Aleix, Maria and Marc were helpful in plucking all the leaves off the cauliflower to feed Perla. We picked some of the new crop of spinach that is now ready to harvest. Gillam was the first to take a bunch of spinach. Then we went on our way to see the donkeys and the chickens. Aina and Maria were very confident with riding on Perla. Per

Chocolate chip shortbread

It was a nice return to farm school today, we had the best of weather while we planted a brand new row of peppers, Gina would have nearly planted all of them as she has now become clever at making sure that the roots are well covered with the soil. She can plant three in one minute. Joan was getting faster at planting his peppers too. We collected some beans from the bean patch. Again Gina had come to school prepared with her basket to collect as many beans as she could. Jordi pulled up the biggest cauliflower, it took three people to carry it to the bench as it was very heavy. Cata and Jordi kindly removed the long leaves from the cauliflower to get it ready to give to Perla for her dinner

Easter eggs

Today was a lovely last day of Easter camp. The weather cooperated beautifully and we had a lot of sun! The children had ample time to run through the green grass and play with the various toys and games. We began the day by starting in the vegetable garden. We watered many vegetable plants including tomatoes, beans, and onions. The plants enjoyed the fresh water drink. After finishing the plants we headed to the animals. We found a few eggs, but not as many as most days. The chickens enjoyed being fed and played with. A few children wanted to ride the donkey and others were more interested in staying with the chickens. After the animals we had a quick breakfast snack and then some outside p

The buny tale

It is the third day of Easter camp. We have been lucky today with the beautiful weather. The red group started to help with looking after the animals while the blue group went to the vegetable garden. The blue group are expert gardeners, they got on with planting a row of onions at record speed. The team knew straight away that they had to water the onions and some of the onions that they had already planted but they left some watering for the red group to do. Meanwhile, the red group worked together as a team too. They gathered lots of eggs and taught each other how to pick up the chickens. For a treat today, the blue group had the chance to visit the goats. Blanket, the billy goat, let us

Picking broadbeans

It was an overcast day at the farm school today. Luckily the rain stayed away. It got quite sunny in the afternoon which allowed us to do a lot of playing outside. We started the day by picking lots and lots of broad beans. The children had a blast picking the ginormous beans. The children filled baskets and baskets full of beans. We also watered most of the plants, as they were very thirsty. After finishing in the garden, we visited the animals. The chickens surprised us by laying 14 eggs. Mariona and Txell patiently followed the chickens around until they were able to pick them up. They were reminded by the teachers to be extra gentle while handling the chickens. We also spent some time br

Easter cards

Hooray! It is the start of the Easter Camp. What a busy start to the morning! We all arrived and went to get our tags. We all wrote our names and found out which colour group we were in, some of us were red and some of us were blue. Once we collected the tags we went play some games outside. Children in the red group went to see the animals, collect the eggs and feed the animals. While children in blue group went to the vegetable garden to plant some tomatoes and water the new shoots, then they went to check the fruit trees. After breakfast, the blue group helped to make some labels for the vegetable garden. We went to the animals, Vinyet, Aleix, Milan, Judit and Sara rode on Perla. Afterwar

Father's day cards

What a miserable and cold day it was at farm school today. It was trying to rain all morning. We began the day by planting tomatoes, we then collected many beans and peas and keeping them in our baskets. David collected lots today, he was very good at spotting the biggest ones. All of us then watered the new tomatoes and the rest of the vegetables and the fruit. Mae, was a strong lady, today because she carried two heavy watering cans. We spent some time with the chickens today. David, Luca, Sergi and Asier tried collecting all the chickens to put in their house. We had a treat today, we were the first group of children from the farm school that were able to use the new play equipment. We t

The very hungry caterpillar

What an interesting day we had at farm school today. We were looking at the theme of change! We first of all helped with planting the peppers Aleix helped make the holes with the dibber to plant the peppers. Maria, Sergi and Alex made sure these had plenty of water. We also collected the beans. Theo and Guillem collected so many. Everyone grabbed a watering can to set about watering the fruit and vegetables. Before we left the vegetable garden, we noticed beautiful pink blossom growing on the peach trees. There is so many flower blossoms that there looks like there will be many peaches growing there very soon. Judit was very good at explaining through using the lemon tree, how the fruit grow

Quiches day

Today was a rainy day so not many people came. Luckily the rain stopped when we got out into the veggie garden but we didn’t need to do any watering. Bruna and Banu dived into the broad bean jungle and got some pretty huge beans. We also picked some chard and cauliflower which they will hopefully take home later for some dinner or lunch? The peacocks are getting bigger, we found one outside today in the parking lot. Brad, Gimena and Jordi after numerous attempts, managed to get the peacock in safe and sound, I believe a taller fence is in order! The chickens were hungry as always, and Bruna found one in the hut sitting on an egg. Violetta, Perla, Estrella and Valentin were just happy to have


Our theme today was about changes. We began the day by collecting some leeks and lovely onion to use in our cooking activity, Gina had to use all of her strength to pull up one of the biggest onions from the ground. We did a lot of watering because the soil was very dry. Then we all helped to plant the new tomato vines. Yemna and Mae were brilliant farmers. Then we went on to feed the animals, Txell picked up the white and brown chickens while Mae and Asier found the hidden eggs that the chickens had laid. Those sneaky chickens!! After our breakfast, we began our cooking activity. Today we made mini quiches. We used one of the onions which we collected from the vegetable garden. First of al

Back bridge

Today we have had a very enthusiastic and active group. We put lots of effort in and finished off with some great things to show! When we first started to arrive, it was decided that every single plant in the vegetable patch needed water. As a team we spread out across the garden and started watering. Everyone had a watering can and put them to good use! Jordi has become super fast at watering, as has Guillem, they are both very efficient farmers. We were also very pleased to see that we now have over forty artichokes. This is amazing as it almost double what we had a week and a half ago. We can’t wait to try them. Alex and Marc pulled out two lovely cabbages, along with some help from other

Sweet pizza

It was a cloudy day at the farm school. We collected some of the onions, Cata and Gina helped collect the biggest onions. The spinach, was ready to collect as well. Joanna and Judit collected some. Banu collected a lot of beans to put in her basket. We all watered the fruit and vegetables. Jordi sampled some of the ripe red strawberries. We collected a lot of eggs from the chickens today. They filled up a whole basket. When we visited the goats and sheep we noticed that Floquet was too hungry to climb on people’s backs or knees he is beginning to eat a lot of food now as he is growing bigger. However, he did say hello to everyone. Straight away we got stuck in with making our sweet pizzas. C


What a wonderful Saturday today has been in the sun, a great day for farming and craft making fun! As each person arrived we picked up our watering cans and tools. We started to water the spinach before moving on to the other plants. Once everyone had arrived, we started our planting and picking tasks, of which we had lots today! We planted a new row of lovely lettuce, taking one plant each and making sure it was safe in it’s hole. Then we moved on to pick some peas and broad beans. Judith found the biggest broad bean, Jordi gave us a scare when he was hiding in the plants (they’re very big) and David picked lots of peas and beans. We filled our baskets and then went to pick some giant cauli

The back bridge

We had another eventful day at the farm school. We first of all watered the vegetables and fruit. Then we planted a row with the last onions. We spotted some bright red ladybirds hiding in the spinach. Sergi carefully examined the ladybird and watched it fly away home. Whilst visiting the goats and sheep, we discovered that Floquet, loves to jump off high places so we tried to see if we could get Floquet to walk along our backs by creating a bridge we called it ‘the back bridge’. Floquet seemed to enjoy walking on Aleix’s back and he nearly walked the whole way across the bridge that we made for him. Floquet loves all this attention he’s getting. To make the most of the sunny day we practis

Four seasons pizza

Welcome back to the Tuesday group and what a fun time it’s been for everyone. We’ve planted even more onions and had some great restaurant standard cooking as well as some creative genius. As it has been very sunny and warm today, we made sure the plants, vegetables and herbs were all in good health and watered. We also picked a whole wheelbarrow of weeds, which Bruna and Cata helped to bring to the animals. We counted 26 Artichokes today, with help from Banu, which is the same amount as we had last week despite picking seven in the past few days! We’re very happy with how the green beans and potatoes are coming along too, and we snacked on some freshly picked peas. When we were with the ani

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