Olaf, the snowman

Today we started the day off by watering all the vegetables in the vegetable garden we collected some lovely red radishes. Jordi picked the most to put in the basket. Blanca enjoyed smelling the fresh vegetables that we collected. They smelt delicious! We visited the donkeys and ponies. Perla was behaving very cheeky today. We also visited the chickens and ducks. Àneu helped collect four eggs today and David enjoyed catching the chickens. Then we visited the goats and the sheep. Aleix showed off his rodeo skills by staying on the back of a sheep. He managed to balance and stay on the whole way round the pen. It was amazing! Next, we made our snowmen, they looked just like Olaf from the film

Travel theme

Welcome back to another sunny day at Casa Nostra, where we’ve been farming, playing and creating all day! We started the day by thoroughly watering all the plants and vegetables. We did this using the hose and watering cans. Txell and Aneu used the watering cans to water all the beans and peas. Sara used the hose to water the garlic and radish whilst everyone else joined in to water the rest. We also prepared some cauliflower by cutting it up to share out and give to everyone to take home. We fed the goats too then went on to eat some breakfast snacks. We sat by the trampoline in a circle to make the most of the warm weather, whilst some people did the same on top of the castle library. Al f

Making cars

To begin the day we picked all the spinach in the vegetable garden! The children then placed the spinach in a wheelbarrow, so we could take it to the ponies and donkeys. We watered all the vegetables in the vegetable garden, it is a lot of watering! Then we picked some cauliflower and potatoes. The children had dig lots to find all the potatoes, they really enjoyed it! Maria found a really big potato! Next, we went and saw all the animals. The ponies and donkeys really enjoyed eating all the spinach, they had a feast. Txell and David enjoyed catching the chickens, they were being really quite and sneaking. Blanca and Judit found the eggs and placed them in the basket to keep them safe. We th

Holy Innocents Day

Today we celebrated “Holy Innocents' Day”, we had a lot of fun and excitement because all day we joked, tricked and pranked each other. We began the day by tending to the vegetable garden we watered the vegetables and picked the lovely cauliflower and lettuce. All the cauliflower is ready to collect and eat now. The donkeys Perla and Valentine were waiting to eat their food, we rode on Perla but Valentine was being cheeky, he did not want to let the children ride on his back. After, we went and said hello to the sheep and goats and gave them their breakfast. After, we created “innocentada” The children drew the template of a man and then decorated it in. Then finally they used scissors to cu

Hit the tio

Today at Cosa Nostra, we watered the vegetables and picked the green spinach to take home for later. We visited Perla and Violeta. Perla was very good to let us take turns riding on her but today Violeta didn’t want to. Afterwards, we went to feed the hens and ducks. Today they laid nine eggs, to our surprise David spotted that one chicken had laid an egg making the egg count to ten. We headed down to the goats and sheep to feed them and stroke them. Aleix decided to try to pick up xipsa. Soon it was time to eat, we headed to the sinks to wash our hands and eat our breakfast outside. Now we were ready to go and play some activities such as ‘musical statues’, ‘musical chairs’ and ‘countdown’

Snowman and Santa Cards

Today was the start of the Winter camp at Cosa Nostra. We were excited to begin our day with watering the vegetables. We picked the ripe cauliflower and carried them back to the kitchen in our baskets to cook for our delicious lunch. Then we used the cauliflower leaves and weeds to feed Perla and Valentina. They were happy to let the children go for a ride. Next we went to see the chickens and ducks and we picked them up and held them, some of those chickens were too fast to catch. Today the chickens have laid four eggs. We prepared the wheelbarrow and feeding buckets to pay a visit to see the goats and sheep. Blanket and Xispa let the children pet them. After we fed animals we got ready to

Violeta let us ride her

Today has been a festive day of highs (and one minor cookie related low) and we can’t wait to carry it all on in the new year. Here’s what happened! Today saw the return of Brad, one of our teachers from the Summer Camp, he was very happy to meet the new group and will be here over Christmas. We have also welcomed a new teacher, Siobhan, to Casa Nostra. Siobhan is a qualified primary teacher from England with lots of experience in London and the rest of the UK, she’s had a great time meeting the group and looks forward to continuing with us! We all watered the plants and vegetables using both the hose and watering cans. We even remembered the artichokes right at the edge of the field, and no

Ginger bread

Today has been a non stop morning of fun and activities, we´re all feeling very festive and happy from a hard days work and play! Over the weeks We took the leaves to Perla, Valentin, Violeta and our farmers have become very skilled in making sure everything is watered. We used the watering cans and the hose to make sure it was all wet, then moved on to another important task- Picking the vegetables! All those vegetables we´ve planted are starting to look really good and ready, especially the potatoes and spinach. So, today we dug for potatoes and pulled the big bunches of spinach to take home! Aneu found the biggest potato today and put it in with all the others, we had quite an impressive

Mole hunting

Firstly, all the children went mole hunting! They used a spades and sticks to dig to try and find the mole. They also decided to make a mole trap where they tied up some string to a basket to make a mole trap. They´re hoping that they will be able to catch the mole this week. After, we watered all the vegetables and picked some potatoes and cauliflowers. Guillem managed to find some really big potatoes. We gave the leaves from the cauliflower and potatoes to Perla, Valentine, Estrella and Violeta. They really enjoyed them Next, we went to the animals! Perla, Valentine, Estrella and Violeta really enjoyed the leaves from the potatoes and cauliflowers. Tao found 5 white eggs and enjoyed catch

Feet painted

Hello and welcome back to Granja Escola Casa Nostra! Today’s group have been through a very interesting evening, here’s where you can read all about it… We started the day by picking some really healthy looking vegetables. We chose the finest cauliflowers, and dug for potatoes. The potatoes were a fun challenge, we’d have to pick each plant and then dig deep for the vegetables- Bruna, Joanna and Joan made a great effort, and Jordi found an enormous potato! We also got to keep all the lovely leaves for the Donkeys and Ponies. We really do spoil them with the finest cuisine! Whilst Perla had a munch on her leaves, we started to get her ready for riding. Guile had a really good ride, whilst Jud

Collecting potatoes

We had a very eventful morning, especially in the vegetable garden. Firstly, we watered the vegetable garden and Txell and Àneu picked all the weeds near the peas. After, all the children planted some radish, they were given a handful of seeds which they then sprinkled on the soil. The children had lots of fun spreading the seeds. After, all the children planted some spinach, they were very careful to ensure the seeds only went in the line. They were very good at taking it in turns to plant the seeds. We then went to pick some potatoes, the children were very excited to see how big the potato was going to be. We saved all the leaves to give to the animals. Lastly, we went to see if we could

Collecting spinachs

This afternoon has been festive, fun and energetic, with lots to show from a great day! We are all very much looking forward to Christmas, and today it really showed. We were singing christmas songs right from the start! Whilst farming, of course. We watered all the plants and vegetables, and took the opportunity to collect some nice full spinach. We picked one each to take home for a nice healthy dinner. We also inspected the fruit tree area, as we have a cheeky intruder... a mole! We looked at all the mole hills and even moved some of the dirt to look underneath, they have a whole network going on underground, quite a sophisticated System! Hopefully they won´t eat any of our vegetables, on

Making paper bags

We´ve had an action packed today here at Casa Nostra! We started the day off by giving the animals their breakfast, the children enjoyed feeding them. Blai carried the straw in his basket and fed it to Valentine, whilst all the other children fed the chickens. Perla gave a donkey ride to the children too, Marti really enjoyed it! After, we went to the vegetable garden and watered all the vegetables and pulled all the weeds out near the peas. Maria and Elsa were excellent at removing the weeds! The children all worked as a team collecting all the weeds as quick as possible and placing it the wheelbarrow. Aleix pushed the wheelbarrow around to all the children, so they were able to put the wee

Collecting cauliflowers

Happy Saturday everyone! Today has been a very active and creative day. Here´s what happened. After some very thorough watering and weeding, we decided that the cauliflowers were good and ready to be picked. We chose three of the biggest, and then all worked together to pull them out. They were even big enough for everyone to take a piece home with them! The other great thing about cauliflowers is that they have huge leaves to go to Perla and her friends, the ponies and chickens. They were very happy about it. We also added some new cauliflowers to the vegetable patch, and were surprised to compare how big the old ones were compared to the new ones. After feeding the animals their tasty leav

Climbing trees

We started today by digging up all the weeds next to the garlic! The garlic has started to grow really tall and all the children enjoyed counting how many green shoots there were. After, we went to see the radish, we were trying to find the biggest radish but it was really difficult! The children made sure all the vegetables on the farm were watered so they will grow nice and big. The children also took it in turns to pull one leek from the soil, they had to pull really hard! Maria pulled the leaves and there were 3 leeks attached! Whilst walking to the animals the children collected lots and lots weeds to give to the donkeys and ponies! Perla and Valentine enjoyed being stroked by all the c

Making pizza

Today is the first day of december and a new day of Winter activities for all the children at Casa Nostra! The vegetable activities saw a new method of growing; giving some special nutrients to the ever growing artichokes. We each took a handful of the special beads and sprinkled them evenly on the plants. This will help them to grow even bigger until we have some tasty artichokes to eat. We also watered every planton the plant, using both watering cans and the sprinkle technique. We marvelled at the cauliflowers, which should soon be ready to pick and had a look at the potatoes showing through the soil. We must say the group are getting better each week, showing some real improvement from t

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