Planting basil

Today is Monday, which can only mean one thing- a new theme. For the next five days, everyone at Casa Nostra will be learning all about stars, planets, rockets, aliens and everything else in Space! The morning started with our brave astronomers creating their own stars, aliens, planets and rockets. We did this by using colouring, cutting out and sticking. Using colours is a great way for everyone to pick their favourite look as well as learning new words and showing off ones they already know! Maria is an expert colourist, whilst Max is great at cutting out. After we all made our space objects, we stuck them either on to a black card to take home or our ´night sky´ to be up on the wall at Ca

Fruit hunt around the garden

Well it´s been an extremely busy and fun last day of our monster theme week here at Casa Nostra. We started off the day by making monster teeth -Jordi´s were particularly frightening! As it was such a beautiful day, we headed off early into the vegetable garden to pick juicy sun-ripened tomatoes and water the plants. As well as watering the plants, we watered ourselves - a brilliant way to cool ourselves down don´t you think? Some children enjoyed picking tomatoes so much, that we then went on a fruit hunt around the garden. Valeria, Gal-la, Adrianna, Lara and Marti were excellent at finding lots of gorgeous peaches. The peaches just looked too tempting to save until later though,so we coul

Green beans

The biggest part of todays morning, although we are in day four of monster week, was planting a whole new crop of green beans in the garden. Everyone helped by digging the holes, watering the soil, and most importantly, carefully planting a few seeds each. We all learnt how to grow our own beans and will some day soon be seeing the benefits during lunch! After the hard work at the farm, monster madness continued. One group continued with some arts and crafts, including the crazy egg shell creatures, whilst others went to see the animals and did some colouring in. We had some new friends today, Boi and Vilma, and they liked seeing the goats, sheep and stroking the chicks (once they realised t

Scrummy chocolate and sugar-iced donuts

It´s been another day of monster mayhem and madness here at Casa Nostra! We just LOVE monsters! Whilst the older children had their faces coated with plaster of Paris to make exceptionally crazy and scary monsters that would make your bones quiver; the younger children had a great time finishing off their crazy egg carton monsters and magical mix-up monsters from yesterday. We also made crazy monster hats and started to make monster masks too. Every single monster creation should be put into a museum for all of the world to see. Later, some children went to visit Perla and Valentin (our donkeys), stroke the baby ducklings and chicks - this is one of our very favourite things to do here on th

Crazy egg carton creature

Today was day two of our Monster week. There´s been lots of creativity and scary excitement, as everyone showed their ability to come up with the wildest creatures from their imagination! Part of the group started making their crazy egg carton creature creations, whilst the others met a new monster, the Cookie Monster, started colouring in pictures of him and making their own pictures using dot to dot. Some people started to paint their egg carton monsters and they looked greatl, whilst everyone thought the cookie monster was very silly (although they would become brownie monsters themselves later in the afternoon). When we went to the farm, there was a lot to choose from and we had to make

Monster Week

It´s Monster Week at Casa Nostra and we´ve got straight into having a monster-tastic time! It was fabulous to welcome back some familiar faces to the farm and a real pleasure to meet some new folk too. As soon as we had put our bags away, we couldn´t wait to get colouring crazy monster pictures. We even had a go at designing our own monster faces with eyes in the middle of their foreheads and massive wonky teeth. Only take a look at them if you´re feeling brave and not too easily scared! Soon after, we went to see the animals. Perla and Valentin were as beautiful as ever, but we all especially loved stroking and looking at the baby chicks and ducklings - they´re just so incredibly cute! Beca

New Hens

Today was the final and most exciting day of the Casa Nostra Olympics. The sun was out and everyone was ready for some final competition before the awards, the scores have all been very close all week and everyone has been eager to be the best.. We started the morning with a visit to the vegetable garden, we needed peppers and tomatoes for todays lunch, and the whole group did a great job in getting just the right amount. They were very efficient as today was going to be busy with the games. One of the finishing touches had to be put on our clay medals- paint. Everyone painted their medals in their favourite colours, glitter and stars so we could put them out to dry in the sun. These would b

Planting potatoes

We started today down in the vegetable garden, planting lots of potatoes and beans, which we then watered very carefully so that they will grow into juicy food that we can enjoy eating. Soon afterwards we went to visit the donkeys, chicks and baby ducklings - one of our favourite things to do. Sergi and Blai were brilliant at helping Cat to catch the baby chicks that had escaped and putting them back safely into their home - well done! With it being our Olympics themed week, we then designed some fantastic medals and then made them out of clay. Marti, Luna and Frida put a lot of effort into making theirs, perhaps they could be used as real medals in the next Olympics? Anyway, we´re all real

Olympic Sports Treasure Hunt

Today we have thoroughly enjoyed having the sun back shining on us here at Casa Nostra for our Olympic themed week. After we had been and said “Good Morning!” to the chicks and ducklings and given them lots of hugs, we went into the vegetable garden and collected lots of tomatoes and other vegetables. Then it was time to participate in our first Olympic races of the day - potato and spoon, obstacle race and circuits. Mario and Lucas were super fast - proudly winning their team lots of points. Well done the Blues! To help us get into the Olympic team spirit, we even had a go at painting team coloured mascots on each other´s faces. We were so happy to share a refreshing homemade lemonade and

Peaches Jar's

Day two of the Olympic week and the rain didn´t stop us carrying on. Everyone arrived in the pouring rain, some of us went to the kitchen and some of us went to the arts area. Those who went to the kitchen made a treat to take home- a sweet jar of peaches freshly picked from the fruit garden. Afterwards, we made labels together so everyone knew who´s was who´s. Everyones label was different, and evryone did very well spelling their names and writing words in English. Martis writing is great! In the end all the children in the group had a jar to take home. Those who went to the arts area coloured in pictures of different Olympic events, running for example, everyone chose their favourite colo

Olympic themed week

Today was the first day of our ´Olympic´ themed week. Lots of people came to enjoy the day, some familiar faces and some very welcome new ones! It was Blai´s first time at the farm, and although he was quiet at first he was soon enjoying all the activities with everyone else. We started by vsiting a brand new addition to the animal family- the chicks and ducklings. Everyone was very excited to see them, especially Luca, yet still managed to be gentle and soft whilst holding one each and stroking their soft feathers. Arnou was very good at catching the larger chickens and helping them in to their home before we left. That wouldn´t be the last time we visited the animals in the day! The olympi

Face painting extravaganza

Our last dinosaur themed day at Casa Nostra and we´ve been crazy busy finishing off all our fun dinosaur craft activities. Aniol traced a fantastic drawing of a super scary T-Rex - yikes! Iona has been extremely busy making more baby dinosaurs hatching from eggs too. Amidst all the dinosaur mayhem, we´ve given the plants in the vegetable garden an exceptionally good watering with it being so hot and also picked lots of tomates, along with a few peppers and aubergines. Pau was our champion tomato picker today and can´t wait to take them home to show his family. A farmer´s work is never done - so with Brad´s help, the children have fed the donkeys, sheep, goats and chickens. David and the you

Teradactyl peg dinosaurs

Well, we have made some amazing teradactyl peg dinosaurs this morning which we had an even better time flying! They provided us with endless hours of fun. Continuing our dinosaur theme, the older children made real leaf prints to decorate their papier mache dinosaur eggs with and we all had a great time drawing and collaging even more scary dinosaurs. Iona and Pau even made glittery baby dinosaurs hatching from eggs. Sara, Judit and Amaia were super sporty today. In preparation for our Olympic theme week here at Casa Nostra, they have undertaken some seriously energetic training. They are determined that they are going to win their races and are already really excited about the games that w

Dinosaur Iced Cakes

To go with our Casa-Nostra-Saurus that we made using hand prints yesterday, we started the day by constructing pasta bone dinosaur skeletons which we then had fun painting in bright colours. We even made a large group one which we have stuck on our outside classroom wall for everyone to admire. Make sure you come and have a look at it tomorrow morning! The older children worked hard to make fabulous chunky potato dinosaur models and then added a few more layers to their papier mache dinosaur eggs. Fingers crossed they´ll be dry by tomorrow so that we can paint them… In order to have enough green peppers for Maria to make a nutritious lentil salad for lunch, the children then went on an exped

Home made tomato Ketchup

Another great day at Casa Nostra, continuing our dinosaur theme! We´ve been super busy and super creative. Not only have we made more scary dinosaur face masks, but we´ve used our hands to paint a fantastic giant Casa-Nostra-saurus, potato-printed baby dinosaurs and footprints, plus made brilliant wooden paperweights (that are so good we could probably sell them!) Whilst out and about exploring the grounds of Casa Nostra, we also found a dove, held it and then set it free again. I wonder whether it will come to visit us again? Down in the vegetable garden, we collected a huge amount of tomatoes and peppers, so that we could make our very own tomato ketchup. As soon as it was cool enough, we

Dinosaurs week

Our theme this week is dinosaurs and we started this Monday morning at Casa Nostra, by getting stuck in straight away to some scary dinosaur crafts. Whilst the older children worked together to make a giant clay dinosaur; the younger children made dinosaur masks, badges and baby dinosaurs hatching from eggs. They all looked fab and Jaime´s colouring was particularly good today - we were all super impressed! Not only have we focused on our dinosaur theme, we´ve also picked plump peaches, some juicy tomatoes and ripe green peppers. We had great fun visiting the donkeys, goats and sheep too. David was very thoughtful and even brought carrots for us all to feed Perla as a treat. She really enj

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