Planting beans

This morning the older children started by watering the vegetables and planting beans while the younger children made their own mini pizza with their choice of toppings. We then went to feed the animals and brush perla the donkey, the children all enjoyed running around with the animals. The younger children then made musical shakers using plastic bottles and a choice or chick peas, rice, pasta and lentils to make different noises while the older children made pasta animal pictures we all had fun using the pasta to make different shapes. Then the children all played together and playing connect four, pick up sticks, match cards, singing and dancing and reading stories such as the gruffalo. W

Baby chicks

Today we started off our day by baking lovely chocolate nutella cookies all the children helped measure the flour, sugar and chocolate. We then went to our vegetable garden we watered all of our plants, we picked some strawberries, onions and beans. We visited all the animals such as our goats and sheep and they all got to ride Perla the donkey. We played with our new building blocks the children made houses, castles and very tall towers from them they are very good for their imagination. We read stories for the children such as beauty and the beast, the giant turnip and the 3 little pigs. We practiced our songs and dance activities again together such as farmer wants a wife, ring a ring a r

Lettuce and Basil

Today the younger children started their day off by visiting the animals and riding our donkey Perla. We then went to the vegetable garden and we planted Lettuce and Basil and watered the other plants. We took a look at all of our other vegetables that are growing to see how much they have grown such as the strawberries, the courgettes, the onions, potatoes and the tomatoes. We then went to the kitchen and baked lovely bread the children moulded the bread into their own shape they wanted and then topped it with olive oil and sugar to make it sweet. We made play dough also, the children really enjoyed making things from it. The children made jigsaws of animals such as pigs, cows, turtles, dog

Designing flags

Today, the eldest ones started off by planting some lettuce, parsley and cucumber, we then watered the vegetables and picked some strawberries to take home after planting we went to feed the animals, we enjoyed seeing the baby duckling who has grown a lot. We then went to the kitchen to make our own bread, we made different shapes and enjoyed tasting them at the end of the day. We then went to see Perla the donkey, we brushed her coat so she looks nice and clean and we petted her and said hello. After seeing Perla we done some creative work and designed our very own flag we enjoyed using different colors and sticking the stick onto the side. After this we collected the eggs from the chickens

Cloths peg chicks

Today we started off by watering the vegetables and placing name cards at a few of them asking the children f they could tell what the vegetable was. We then went to feed the goats, sheep, ducks and donkey, after we fed them we took Perla the donkey for a walk taking turns riding her. After we took Perla for a walk we came to the kitchen to start baking scones this is a type of cake you would usually put cream or jam onto. We then made cloths peg chicks we all enjoyed coloring them and sticking them with glue onto the cloths pegs. After this we went to the pool to cool off and play some games. We ended the day by practicing our English songs.

Eggs in the incubator

Today we planted tomatoes, parsley and basil in our vegetable garden. The children then picked escarola and strawberries to bring home. We watered all the plants after planting them. We then visited Perla our donkey and the children took turns riding her they had great fun. We now have an incubator we are planning on having chicks one for each of the children to take home it takes 21 days for the chicks to hatch so the children collected eggs from the chickens and brought them inside and placed them into the incubator. Today we decided we would bake a chocolate brownie cake with all the children. After that the younger children did flash cards to practice their English on the flash cards the

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