Chocolate Muffins

Early in the morning we fed the goats, the lambs, the chickens and the ducks. The two little ducks are growing they are the biggest entertainment for all them. We continue building the pony’s stable, it's fun making sun-dried bricks with earth, straw and water. Meanwhile the small ones prepare some delicious chocolate muffins to take to the beach. With the lovely weather the beach seems the best option for a dip and its a good occasion to look for shells and treasures in the sand.

Sun-dried brick

Today was the first day of the Easter camp we started our day by taking a look at all of the different vegetables we have in the vegetable garden and the fruit tree´s we then went to feed the animals so all of the children met the goats, sheep, ducks and chickens. We then went to collect the eggs from the chickens. We all helped bake chocolate brownies. After snack we went down to the vegetable garden to start making bricks to build a house we started by mixing dirt and water and putting into the molds with staw and patting it down, then taking the mold off. We also went to the park for a while. After lunch we went to the beach to collect shells and play in the sand which everyone enjoyed.

Two Little ducks

Today we started by picking some vegetables that we had planted in the first week such as swiss chard and lettuce. We then checked the rest of the planted vegetables to make sure they are growing well . We also made flans which was very fun to make, and then made our bread we shaped them into letters from out names, the flan and the bread where very tasty to eat. We also started making the bricks to build a house for a pony, this was very messy but lots of fun to make with the mud, straw and water. We have two new baby ducks so we went to check on them and hold them. Everyone enjoyed playing with the ducklings and watching them swim in the pond.


Today unfortunately it was raining so we didn´t get to plant any vegetables, instead we done some fun activities inside. We colored and made our own farm animal masks, we picked which ones we liked the best for example a duck, chicken, goat and sheep. We then started to make doughnuts, this was a fun and exciting activity as everyone enjoyed rolling out the dough and cutting out the circles, we then put them in the oven and while the where baking we made our own icing which tasted lovely when we tasted it. We also made colorful play dough which is always fun then we made different shapes and we even made some animals from the play dough.

Tomatoes, courgettes and peppers

Today we decided we would make some chocolate chip cookies, we all had fun making the dough, putting the chocolate chips inside and using cutters to make them into stars circles and mini cookies. We also went to the vegetable garden to plant some tomatoes, peppers and courgettes. We always enjoy planting different vegetables and checking the progress of the veg we have already planted; today we started to see the leaves sprouting from the potatoes. We collected some eggs from the chickens and fed them which is always fun, we also went to feed the goose, ducks, goat and sheep, they are always very friendly and good fun for the children. We made our home made play dough today with food colorin

Muffins and the five Dwarves

Today we planted potatoes, onions, peas and broccoli. The children really enjoyed it and I think they learned a lot on how to plant. After planting we went to the kitchen where we made muffins, we prepared the mixture and put them into bake, when they were done we let them cool and they were delicious. The most fun part of the morning was we put on a show of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” – everyone had their own character to play and everyone played it very well and really enjoyed it. I think today has been a lot of fun for myself, Ashley and the children and I think they learned a lot.

Growing Potatoes

We have been planting potatoes. So much fun, cutting the potates, making the ridges to plant them. Water them. we also made some bread making letters and shapes, after this we collected eggs fom the chickens after we fed them. We also went down to feed the sheep, goats and ducks. interacting with the animals encourages the children to be more confident. everyone enjoyed the activities and enjoyed tasting the bread we made.

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